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Millennium Aluminum Boom

Specialty Enterprises is the largest manufacturer of aluminum sprayer booms and spray boom accessories in North America, serving the OEM, dealer/distributor, and retail markets. Developed over a span of nearly 2 years, the Millennium aluminum sprayer boom is without question the most durable and innovative line of aluminum sprayer booms on the market today.

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Millennium agricultural spray boom key features - Patented Single Piece Top Cap
  • Engineered for superior strength: entire top structure extruded as one single piece, then carefully designed ovals are machined out to reduce weight and maintain strength.
  • Eliminates welds and heat affected zones in high stress areas.
  • Webbed inner structure provides strength against multi-axial stresses.
To learn about the Millennium sprayer boom check out this video
Millennium agricultural spray boom key features - Folding Hinge
  • Optimized hinge design fabricated from high-strength steel.
  • Bolt-on design of folding hinge provides for simple replacement.
  • Fold cylinders located within structure to protect them with built-in hydraulic pressure relief valves.
Millennium agricultural spray boom key features - Primary to Center Section Connection
  • Bolt-on, hardened steel, lift cylinder lug plates as compared to the weaker aluminum plates currently found on competitive products.
  • Adaptable to any sprayer.
  • By mounting the bolt-on lift lug plates underneath the upper extrusion, the force is distributed over a larger area while eliminating the pulling on welds, thereby reducing the possibility of fatigue cracking.
Millennium agricultural spray boom key features - Patented Dampened Breakaway
  • Significantly reduces center rack stress.
  • Patent pending design dramatically increases boom/center rack operational life.
  • Breaks forward, up and back.
  • Patented hinge brings breakaway back to center, maintain good spray pattern.
Millennium agricultural spray boom key features - Custom Rod Ends
  • Custom designed and manufactured 4140 heat-treated rod ends are significantly stronger than those offered by the competition.
  • Comes standard with corrosion resistant hardware.
Millennium agricultural spray boom key features - Precision Welds
  • Engineered welds, optimally placed and designed to eliminate cracks and increase strength 100%.
  • Use of aircraft grade 6061-T6 and 6005A-T6 aluminum alloys vs. weaker and less expensive 6063-T6 used by the competition.
  • Wide lower structure for ease of spray bar adjustment, maintenance and nozzle body clearance.

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VIEW IMAGE Millennium 120' spray boom on Buhler Versatile SX275

Buhler Versatile SX275

Millennium 120' sprayer boom
VIEW IMAGE Millennium spray boom on Buhler Versatile SX280

Buhler Versatile SX280

Millennium sprayer boom
VIEW IMAGE Millennium 66'/132' spray boom on Case 4430

Case 4430

Millennium 66'/132' spray boom
VIEW IMAGE Millennium 66'/120' spray boom on GVM Prowler

GVM Prowler

Millennium 66'/120' sprayer boom
VIEW IMAGE Millennium spray boom on Hagie STS16 sprayer

Hagie STS16

120' Millennium sprayer boom
VIEW IMAGE John Deere R4045 with Millennium aluminum spray booms

John Deere R4045

66'/132' Millennium sprayer boom
VIEW IMAGE Miller Nitro 5240 with Millennium sprayer booms

Miller Nitro 5240

Millennium sprayer boom
VIEW IMAGE RoGator RG700 with Millennium aluminum spray boom

RoGator RG700

Millennium sprayer boom

Light. Durable. Efficient.

The Millennium agricultural spray boom is a giant leap forward in aluminum sprayer boom design. The unique Millennium design was engineered from the ground up, using feedback from farmers across the country, to provide consumers with a spray boom that offers superior durability and efficiency in a platform that is also lightweight, low maintenance, and adaptable to virtually any situation.

Millennium Spray Boom: Key Features

  • Versatile: Available in a variety of spans suited to a range of agricultural applications
  • Durable: Engineered to be the toughest aluminum spray boom on the market
  • Efficient: Wide 132’ span models increase coverage & reduce application time
  • Lightweight: Aluminum construction far lighter than competitive steel models
  • A wide range of accessories and add-ons are available for the Millennium sprayer boom, click here to learn more

Available Models:
The Millennium aluminum sprayer boom line is currently offered in standard 120’ and 132’ models, with smaller span models likely to be introduced in the near future. Nozzle body spacing is available in virtually any desired configuration.

Sprayer Compatibility:
The Millennium line is adaptable to most any make and model of sprayer, including Apache, Buhler-Versatile, Case, Hagie, GVM, John Deere, Miller Nitro, Oxbo, RBR, and RoGator.

The Millennium spray boom comes with a standard aluminum finish, while steel components are professionally primed and powder-coated.

In addition, an optional powder-coat prime and super durable top-coat finish is available in virtually any color to match the application. All of our hardware has been chosen to provide superior strength and resistance to galvanic corrosion.

Available Accessories:
Specialty Enterprises offers accessories and ancillary services for all of our aluminum sprayer booms lines, including: boom cradles, swing arms (aka attachment brackets), nitrogen accumulators, center racks (aka transoms), bracketry, hydraulic kits and plumbing supplies including Wilger, Hypro and Tee-Jet.

In addition, Specialty is a fully integrated supplier skilled at plumbing and installation, as well as field service support.

The Millennium line is covered by a two-year limited warranty covering both material defects and workmanship.

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