Hagie Delta Boom Replacement

Replace Your Delta Booms

If you currently have the Hagie steel Delta boom, consider making the switch to our lightweight aluminum Millennium boom for improved sprayer and accessory performance, improved efficiency, and better spraying handling.

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What are customers saying?

  • Dramatically improved spay boom stability
  • Better sprayer performance
  • Increased spraying efficiency
  • Improved auto-steer function

The Millennium spray boom is innovatively engineered to be the best boom on the market and supports a wide range of add-ons and accessories.

Be sure to check out the Millennium Advantages presentation to learn more about the features that set the Millennium boom apart from competitors' models, as well as Top Reasons to Switch to learn more about how the Millennium boom can save you time and money!

Why switch to Millennium booms?

Improved auto steer reliability:

Delta boom operators have reported that when spraying at speeds greater than 12mph the auto steer feature can be disabled as a result of excessive boom movement. With the Millennium boom auto steer performance improves as the machine is easier to keep in the planter rows, increasing efficiency.

Improved height sensor functionality

The lightweight Millennium spray boom also results in a much more solid boom platform, which helps to improve height sensor functionality, particularly when spraying at higher speeds.

Better sprayer performance:

The lightweight Millennium design also improves fuel economy, reduces soil compaction, and allows you increase your spraying speed, allowing you to the do same amount of work in less time.